Monday, May 2, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend!

Whats up Kawaii Cupcakes!!!!!
Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend :)
Our weekend was a busy one we had a day off from the DOGHOUSE, but we were still working :)
 We had a photoshoot for our new online store thats nearly finshed,
Its fun more for the human think kawaii treasures from your  favourite travels,
Can't wait to show you more!!!!!
We also went to The Japan Foundation Kingdom of Characters Traveling Exhibition. 
The weekend was interesting filled with unicorns, Dinosaurs,sexy gardern gnomes,
Japanese characters, sushi, Japanese fashion mags, markets, graffiti, chinatown,
Kawaii stores, Midnight Black was an awesome store we visited over the weekend
Rockabilly,burlesque vintage!

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