Friday, December 28, 2012

Now that's what you call Team Work!!

Congrats to the LA Clippers on there amazing playing and gaming style,
But we are just way more exciting about there Ugly Christmas Sweaters!!
Congrats on getting together and sharing the christmas spirit!!
What a great way to celebrate as a team!!

Happy Birthday Stan Lee!!

Happy Birthday to one of the greatest,
the gorgeous Stan Lee xx
Just like a fine wine Stan Lee just keeps getting more talented and inspirational,
with age!!
Enjoy your 90th Birthday Generalissimo!!

Lets watch Mallrats, read comics and find Stan Lee in some some of the best movies
ever made!!
Happy Birthday you legend!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Snapshots xx

We hope everybody had an amazing Christmas,
We had the most amazing December and Christmas xx

Happy Birthday Jesus xx

A big thanks to my Mum, Ross and Miley for looking after our angels while
we were away at the Happiest Place On Earth Disneyland xx

December has been full of dreams coming true, birthdays, Disneyland, love,
family, friends, surprise gifts, sweet cards, parties, get togethers, food, Santa,
Christmas trees, ornaments, giving, board games, christmas carols, christmas sweaters,
tacky gifts, christmas movies, crafts, pink gingerbread houses
and so many special memories -
That we are truly grateful for xx

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas xx

Happy Holidays!!
Wishing you all a magical Christmas,
From our Family to yours xx
Merry Christmas!!

Surfs Up Paradise Pier Character Breakfast Anaheim.

The Paradise Pier Hotel's Character Breakfast,
I think personally is the best character dinning out of the three offered
at the Disney Hotel resorts in Anaheim.

This is the only Character Dining that offers a chance to meet Mickey Mouse.
Surfs Up at The Paradise Pier Hotel is fun, lively, great characters, food, music,
aesthetic's and activities.

Previously this use to be Lilo and Stitch's Aloha Breakfast which was fabulous!!
I'm glad the change of name hasn't at all change the quality of the experience.

It's still the best dining experience out of the three that the Hotels offer, if you
get a chance it's definitely a must do and a wonderful time is had by any age.