Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Japanese Photo booth for your pocket.....

I've been so excited to get my iPHONE4!
Japanese Photo Booth Apps.....
I've down loaded so many and they all have something special.
 My favourites are
 Puri Camera this app really captures the Japanese Photobooth the best.
Kitty Camera this is for all the Hello Kitty lovers,like me hehe
Theres not loads of graphics to choose from on this app but its still super kawaii, fast and fun
and its HELLO KITTY hello xo
Purilite I really like because its very simply to use,fast with some awesome kawaii graphics xx
Marron and Marron mini great and Dada Photoframes really sweet xo

Special Mentions....
Sticki Pici, Ipurikura, Puri Booth.
Happy photo deco taking and making xx 

What's Down the RABBIT HOLE.......

Ally and Kayla's 21st Mad Hatter Tea Party.
Happy Birthday!
What an awesome way to celebrate A Mad Hatters Tea Party
in a TEA SHOP, so much fun xoxo

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dogs a real life Fairytale

We all love dogs. Dogs have been our loyal companions for years, always leaving happy memories in our hearts. Since human kind began, dogs and humans have had true relationships and lifelong friendships.
Dogs have taught us loyalty, and the real meanings of being a true friend. I don’t think anyone has ever captured the story or understood the human/dog relationship better than Disney. Through the art of storytelling and animation, Disney have brought the love of the dog to their films, from Mickey’s best pal Pluto, the classic heart-warming story ‘101 Dalmatians’ or the Romeo and Juliet style love story with the ‘Lady and the Tramp’. Maybe that’s why we love Disney movies so much...

There has always been a dog we can relate to from the classic to the contemporary alternative characters that capture the dog’s mannerisms and nature. Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, Jack Skellington’s ghost dog Zero, the barking foot stool from Beauty & the Beast, the loveable alien Stitch who poses on earth as a pup or the loyal royal trained horse Maximus from Disney’s newest animated film ‘Tangled’. Tangled is the 50th animated film from Disney. As the movies continue so do the classic or modern alternative dog characters.

The love of the dog is something that will never get old. The relationship between human kind and dogs is only getting stronger. Watch a Disney movie from past to present and this will be proven. Maybe Walt and his team knew this long before any of us.

Disney animation is one of the first real mediums to explore doggie fashions, over the top dog names or making the dog more part of the family than a backyard pet.

Whatever the reason I’m just happy that life has given us the love of the dog and just like Walt Disney said ... “It all started with a Dog... I mean mouse”.

Written by Rebecca Reed

Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Official Trailer

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dreams come true,The art of DISNEY'S classic fairytales xx

Dreams Come True
"The Art of DISNEY'S Classic Fairy Tales"
Hey all, new years day was Awesome we went to Melbourne ACMI to see the Dreams Come True exhibit"
For all of those who know me I'm the biggest Disnerd,and yes I meant to write Disnerd not Disney hehe
I've been in love with Disney since I was little girl and its never changed....
I've always been a Dreamer, a dream chaser, a dream believer and a dream creater.....
Its the perfect name for the exhibit, it really is a Dream come true.
To see this artwork in real life is amazing, its a rare opportunity to see original concept art
from the Walt Disney Studio.
I was so excited to see my favourites The Little Mermaid,Sleeping Beautiful,
Princess and the Frog and TANGLED.
It was also an oppurtunity of a life time to see artwork created by one of my favourite
Disney animators Mary Blair"Magical"
The art of disney Catalogue,and the giant Alice tea cup xx
ACMI creation station.
The gorgeous, dashing Flynn Rider
The creative corner, I just love this area,
They had this at the Tim Burton exhibit its really for kids but its always full of adults
chatting,talking and creating art.
The beautiful Sleeping Beauty.
Aww Princess and the Frog.
My Briar Rose drawing.
The sweet Princess Ariel, Prince Eric and Max
Japanese Photobooths,they have awesome Japanese photobooths
in Melbourne ;)
Mini polaroids from our trip,
Please note all the disney artwork photos have been taken from
"The Art of Disney's classic Fairy Tales" Catalogue.
A big thanks to John Lasster who started and created this exhibit originally as a gift to New Orleans.
The Dreams Come True exhibit is a must see, its like a visit into your very own magical fairy tale :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Bunnies xx

Happy New Years
Wishing you all a Sparkly Super Kawaii New Year xx
A very Happy Healthy Year of the Bunny xx
Yay 2011 x
Watched the fireworks from the backyard ,getting organised for our early flight to Melbourne.
The highlights of 2010  our trip to Tokyo Japan,Hongkong,
Harajuku,Tokyo Disneyland,Hongkong Disneyland,
Tim Burton workshop and art exhibit at the ACMI, Shop magazine features,
Gabe passing all his exams,Fairy Fable Furniture,winning Best Dressed at the sex city 2 premiere,
Sydney film festival,Disney tangled premiere our 4year anniversary xx
Building the yellow brick DOGHOUSE art studio,Doggie Rescue Dogwash Fundrasier,
Creative projects,parties,dress ups,Halloween,Christmas,Barking mads 3rd Birthday,
learning how to crochet,learning Japanese,hello kitty puroland,Zine making,road trips,
seeing way more of the south coast and Berry,new friends,mini golf,
Japanese photobooths,etsy,animals,art,markets,our own vege herb gardern,camping,
Pupcake Tacos handmade dog toys designed by us,blythe,vintage,tea,craft,deco
Japanese anime,leopard print and red lipstick hehe
The biggest Highlights of all is spending time with my wonderful husband and pupcakes, 
the rainbows in my world xx