Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Luke Skywalkers Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Mark Hamill,
The one and only Luke Skywalker!!

On the road to Gundagai

Part 2
Here's some pics of us at Gundagai
It was such a fun road trip!
The dog on the Tucker box is such a must see!
It's such a cool place it's also animal friendly,
So grab your pets and enjoy a day at Gundagai.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!!

To the love of my life!!
Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary!!
Thank you for being my Bestfriend and love of my life!

My anniversary pressie!!
Aww the newest member to our family :)
She arrives in a few weeks, so excited!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Road Trip part 1

We had the most fun day!!
Here's some pics part 1 of our road trip to the
Dog on the Tucker box at Gundagai
It's our anniversary tomorrow 5 years yay!!
To celebrate every year we always do special things and
Wonderful adventures!!
Check out some pics at the BIG merino (sheep) at Goulburn
The locals call him Rambo!!
It's a great place to stop, eat, relax and take fun pictures!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heroic Master of Pens Art Show

We checked out Heroic Master of Pens
Art Show.
It was a fun Saturday night, it is always great to see new art
and meet an artist that is passionate and inspired by what they do.
Fun pieces with retro cassettes, unicorns and super heroes.
The art show was held at the funky store,
Mr Pickles and me.
I love this store it's always filled of gorgeous homewares, gifts,
cards, one of kind pieces and loads of other fabulous treasures.
You can check It all out here

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Star Wars Blu Ray launch part 2

What's up my nerds ;)
Just a few more pics from yesterday's
Star wars the complete saga launch.
I can't take credit for any of these they are by Damian Shaw.
Can you spot the blonde R2D2 in the photo below hehe ;)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's here!!

What's up my Nerds!!
Today's the day George Lucas has made history again,
with the release of the Star wars saga on blu ray yay!!
Hubby drove me in early this morning,so I could attend the official launch in Sydney.
Thank you huni!! Xo
Wow I think I was like one of five women and the rest were guys,
The launch was so fun with Storm Troppers galore, the 501st legion,
gift bags, blue carpet, limited numbered copies and even
Darth Vader made a special guest appearance!!
I will post a video on my new you tube channel Poptart culture soon.
I must admit I thought I would of seen loads more die hard fanboys and girls,
but it was such an early start and I only heard about it late yesterday,
I'm thinking alot of people didn't know about it?
Can't wait for a Star wars saga marathon this weekend!!
May the Force be with y'all xoxo

Monday, September 12, 2011

Forever in our prays

On the 10th anniversary of September 11
Thank you to all the brave heroes, dogs and humans,
That sacrificed themselves on this sad tragic day.
We wish to mention the silent heroes our four legged loyal friends
and there owners.
10 years on only 12 dogs from the first 100 responders
have survived most of our canine friends have past on from old age or
sickness related from September 11
" Forever in our prays "
Peace Love Light

Love and Light xx

Prays and love to all xo
September 11 ten years on.
We remember and will never forget.
Peace and Love

Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Jedi a man's Bestfriend" Art Exhibit Fundraiser.

This is an article coming up in the October issue
Doggie Rescue magazine.
Check it out!!
Monicas Doggie Rescue always needs help and donations,
If your thinking about a new dog please check it all out here......