Sunday, July 31, 2011


Morning Pupcakes!
Well here's some pretty awesome pics of our.....
Games room/ Guest Room! Yay!
I've even done a video tutorial on how to make these rad art pieces!
( I'll post this later ;)
Next project and Ewok, Wookie themed bathroom.

Pop Dog Culture

Here's some fun trivia to start your week!
Indiana Jones was named after George Lucas dog Indiana.
Indiana is an Alaskan Malamute.

Alaskan Malamutes are of a wolf like appearance and are often mistaken for  Siberian Husky
Alaskan Malamutes are very loyal pets, quite fond of people and are fairly quite.
They are not big barkers Alaskan Malamutes tend to bark/talk by vocalizing- which inspired the character and sound of the lovable wookie Chewbacca from the Star Wars movies.
I love that some of the best Movies in history were in fact inspired by the lovable dog.
Have an amazing week pupcakes!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Room Makeovers

Hey Pupcakes!
How is everyone a big shout out to my new followers!
Yay! I love new followers, nice comments and catching up
with all of you!
I'm actually home sick so I've been thinking of new ways to decorate!
For those of you that know me well I'm a huge collector of kawaii things,
I love Pop Culture the 1980s, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Disney, Muppets,
Ghostbusters, old skool horror movies, 80s tv shows.......
The list goes on and on, I love to combine all these into my home and decorating!
Anyways I'm rearranging the guest room, I want to turn half of it into a
gaming room.
The only thing I can't really do is paint the walls, I can't wait until the day we can
Paint it!!
So I'm going with a Star Wars theme with a huge splash of pop culture memorabilia.
I'll post pics and videos later when it's done, I'm starting a new you tube channel but
more about that later......
Check out some great pics I found to kick off the inspiration :)

Fashion Icons!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blondsaurus in Japan!!

My new website is up
Check it out!!
My super Kawaii talented friend modeling some of Blondsaurus,
style and trends xx
Free gifts with every purchases!
Worldwide shipping!
Follow us on Twitter @Theblondsaurus

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our pics for Top Dog Costume

In honour of International Comic Con here's our pics for top dog costume
Dog Costumes have been around for a while but they seem to be getting bigger, better, safer, more comfortable and even more amazing!
Costumes for annual events are extremely popular such as, Halloween, Christmas and special occasions. they have come a long way from bow ties and pumpkin suits. Here we share our top 10 doggie costumes of all time
1. Harry Potter - perfect for the Wizardly hound

2. Star Wars costumes - May the force be with you. Too many great ones to choose from

3. Snow White - Don’t give this dog no apples

4. Indiana Jones - For the adventure dog

5. Dorothy Wizard of Oz - Follow the Yellow brick road to the cutest costume

6. Marshmallow Man - perfect for the pups with a little extra cushion

7. Rainbow Brite - ooh she so cute
8. Dinosaur - this costume will never be extinct!

9. Woody from Toy Story - Giddy up cowboys
10. Mario Bros - Gamers! need I say more

... special mention the dog Ewok costume, I’m in love with this adorable costume

A tip from the Doghouse
Make sure the costume fits properly! The wrong size costume could endanger you pet by restricting vision, breathing or cause tripping. Choosing the right size costume isn’t just for your pets comfort but their safety is alway our main concern.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pupcake Cupcake Cooking Party!

We had such an awesome day today!
The pupcakes and I made doggie cupcakes!
So fun!
We got these amazing new doggie cooking kits in store from sweet chops,
Not only are they for dogs they come in a beautiful pack with all the
wonderful things you need to make yummy treats for your pupcakes.
There are different flavors and you can choose from
doggie cookies or yummy cupcakes.
I love these because it's something fun and social you can enjoy with your pups.
All the ingredients are dog friendly, carob etc,
It's the perfect pressie, you can find them in store now.

A Magical Week!

Hey y'all what a busy week it's been,
I'm finally catching up on everything.
The week was great, Harry Potter midnight 3D opening!
I can't believe how much I loved the last movie, I cried a few times Amazing!
Who new Neville Longbottom would grow up to be the most popular guy from the cast ;)
This week we are having a Harry Potter magical moviethon and then we will
finsh it by going and seeing it again.
The weekend was busy but fun.....
Sydney, Chinatown, Disney on Ice and Smash Anime expo.
Disney on Ice was magical and Smash anime was full of talented
and super creative people.
Have a great week muggles xx

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dolly Mania!!!!!

I love Dolly Parton,
I love her look, her personality, her music, savvy business skills,
and her positive honest attitude.
Not to mention she's a Fashion Icon and has been a huge influence
in developing my own creative style!
Whether your a fan or not, I think we could all learn a lot from this
Backwards Barbie!
Have you every read or heard some of Miss Dollys quotes?
Amazing!! I try to live my life by some of them ;)
- Dolly Parton

" It cost a lot of money to look this cheap "
- Dolly Parton

" I'm not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes,
because I know I'm not dumb-
and I'm not blonde either."
- Dolly Parton

" We cannot direct the wind,
but we can adjust the sails."
-Dolly Parton.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pupcasso Puppy Painting Party!

We had the most fun night with our puppies!
We had a Pupcasso Puppy Painting Party Fun!
The pups had a blast it was loads of fun!
Great news the kits will be available in store
at the end of July :)

Here's some pics of the finished artworks,
We keep some pieces to display at home
and the others in store!
Don't they look fabulous such a special gift
we can keep and share forever xoxo
P.s I had the idea to take mini polaroids of the pups paintings to frame
with there paintings it gives it an even more special, unique
and personal touch xx