Friday, December 31, 2010

Adventures in little China Town xx

We closed the shop early and had some adventures in China town,
China town is one of my fav places in the whole world it has the cutest hidden stores and 
 the most amazing Japanese fashion mall.
We ran into Blue Bear,hit the markets,ate chinese food and shopped at my favourite Japanese store.
We visited Kinokuniya and pick up all my Japanese fashion mags,
looked around and checked out all the beautiful year of the bunny Chinese New year decorations.
I'm really excited about the year of the bunny,bunnys are cute happy and sweet
so I'm guessing the year of the bunnys gonna be SUPER KAWAII hehe
Chinese New Year is starts in Febuary 2011

Kawaii Treasures.

More bobble heads to add to my collection
Super kawaii xx

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Story so far.....

Hey all, firstly a big thank you to all my followers/blogger friends xx
So whats this all about and where do I begin.....
I started my blog not knowing anything really about blogging and I still dont know that much;) hehe
I started my blog firstly with my shop as the main theme but over the last 18months its really turned into a reflection of me and my love for all things kawii,my family and pupcakes,adventures,trips,travel,
fashion and creative projects.
So I've given my page a makeover I want everyone to enjoy my blog in 2011 yeah!
Its still going to have a great vibe and the ocassional spelling mistake, hehe
Its going to be filled with all things cute, DIY projects, adventures,travel, anything that can bring a sparkle by keeping it real,warm,funny,creative and super KAWAIIxx
I'm looking forward to 2011 and also keeping update with all of your blogs xx
hugs and fireworks xx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I haven't seen the GARBAGE PAIL KIDS MOVIE since I was a little kid,
So it was such a surprise a BLAST FROM THE PAST when it came on the movie channel this morning.
This is 80's fashion at its best the clothes are amazing and I would wear them today if I could.
Giant bows, leopard print,street sign fabric,puffs,glitter tulle a dream come true.....
( I feel a DIY wardrobe make over coming on )
Not only is the fashion important but I totally forgot why I loved this movie so much as a kid
it has an amazing message of true friendship and what beauty really is xx

"If your parents say you dress like you should be in a carnival
you can be a GARBAGE PAIL KID"
Well heres a pail heres a lid
you can be a garbage pail kid
you can be a GARBAGE PAIL KID xx

Saturday, December 18, 2010


We just love christmas,I love everything from the carols to making Christmas cookies,
Christmas movies,the shopping malls,Santa,Christmas kindness,Christmas lights
Christmas trees and all our wonderful decorations.
We just finshed decorated  the yellow brick DOGHOUSE with colourful happy christmas lights it
reminds me of a cottage from a disney film.....
May your Christmas be filled we faith, love, happiness and SPARKLES xx

Friday, December 17, 2010


Wow what a crazy week its been super busy here in the store,
Mums here visting and it was my wonderful husbands birthday.....
Happy Birthday huni bee xx
We celebrated  luckly enough by going to the Australian premiere of TANGLED!
 Disneys done it again bigger and better and even more beautiful.
We were so lucky to have the chance to see/meet Tangles directors from Disney Animated Studios
Nathan Greno and Byron Howard  are amazing the heart and passion that they have put into this film is inspiring.
 Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi also attended who are the voices of the main characters
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.....
(who I might say is the most charming disney prince eva lol)
Its a heart warming enchanting tale of love,trust,truth,beauty,passion and confidence.
 "I didn't want to have to do this,but you leave me no choice,
here comes the smoulder"
- Flynn Rider

Friday, December 10, 2010


It has been the best Birthday eva and a fun crazy filled week.
My Birthday was full of so much love, mini golfathon, hellokitty, japanese fashion,
china town, kawaii treasures, galaxy world, pupcakes and gnome bowling xx


China Town and my favourite Japanese fashion store
Shibuya xx

Galaxy World!
We just love Japanese photobooth's
 Old skool arcade games, Street Fighter has been my favourite since I was a little gal.
I always use Chun li and if I do say so I'm pretty good lol xx

Air Hockey one day we will put a kick arse air hockey table in our house xx

This is what I woke up to my husbands amazing he always makes everything so special
I'm very lucky xx
So many kawaii treasures my husband even painted these paintings as a gift xx

Hello kitty treasures and japanese beauty products
Hello kitty wrinkle cream SUPER KAWAII xx
Gnome Bowling.....
Awwww loves it xx

luv and kitty polaroids xx

Monday, December 6, 2010


Thanks for the endless dreams,magic and happily everafters xx
5th of December 1901


Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated BERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS
It was such a wonderful day,birthday cake,gift bags,treats and a surprise visit from