Sunday, July 29, 2012

Louis Vuitton goes dotty with Yayoi Kusama

This is why Marc Jacobs was the best thing that ever happen to the Louis Vuitton brand.
The king of collaborations Marc Jacobs has brought one of the worlds most influential artists,
one of Japan's most famous Yayoi Kusama to collaborate with this iconic brand.

The collection features her trade mark, polka dot or" infinity net" as she calls it, art.
Yayoi Kusama is not only an amazing talented artist and writer,
she is a strong interesting individual her life, art and achievements are extremely interesting
creative and inspiring.
I love her art the vibrant of color and I just love her fashion style.

I would need to write pages and pages on her to even begin, you really must read more about
this extraordinary woman who has influence people such as Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol.
Who has achieved so much but has been shadowed with
sadness and a long term mental illness during her life.

She has seem to have lived many lives, but only has survived this one, by her art.
" If it not for art, I would of killed myself a long time ago "
Yayoi Kusama.

How adorable is Yayoi Kusama, I just want to keep her!! Hehe.

We could definitely be fashion sisters with our love for color,
polka dots, bright colored wigs and eccentric style.
I haven't been in love with a range or purchased a Louis Vuitton bag since the
Marc Jacobs/Stephen Sprouse Collection.
But this range has made me fall in love all over again!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mermaids and costumes!!

Last weekend was mermaids, Disney on ice
and the Smash Anime Festival.....
It was such a great weekend, Disney on Ice was wonderful
and the Smash Anime convention was a really fun event, check out
some of the awesome cosplay costumes.

P.s Our wonderful friend Jesse cosplayed as Lucky star adorable!!

Comic Con 2012 Costume Corner!!

We love this time of year here at Blondsaurus!! ...... Comic con!!
I have never been but it's on my list being the pop culture lovers that we are
this is heaven on earth!
I love costumes, dress up parties and cosplay, this year I've been already to a
bunch of conventions representing for Blondsaurus.

I've seen a big trend in costumes
My little ponies and Adventure time costumes are bigger than ever,
Gender role changing Men dressing as women characters and women dressing as men.
Game of thrones is so popular, sexy costumes seem to be fading out for more authentic or
handmade costumes and my favourite costumes Star wars, Disney and superheros
are stronger than ever.
Check out some of these awesome costumes from Comic con 2012.
( please note I don't own any of these pics thanks )

The dark Knight rises and so does the Fashion!!

Get the look Catwoman Style!!
I'm in love with Anne Hathaways Catwoman style!!
I went to the midnight screening of The Dark Knight rises and yes it's Awesome!!
I loved Anne Hathaway as Catwoman gorgeous, sexy and funny.
I just loved the kitty costume get the look with red lips, faux leather, lace and slick hair.

Also check our the amazing Lazy Oaf x Batman Collection!!
Holy Amaze balls Batman!!
I want every piece of this collection, I feel like I've just jumped out of a Tim Burton film,
I have purchase the bat symbol logo button up top and can't wait for it to arrive,
I'm also loving the logo dress and leggings but are currently sold out,
So those are definitely on my wish list.
With Romance was born's Marvel collaboration and now Lazy Oafs x Batman collection
Fashion just got awesome bitches!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Disneyland xx

Happy 57th Birthday to The happiest place on earth.
The 17th of July 2012.
May you have the happiest of Birthdays and thank you for all the
Magic and happiness you have brought all of us and the whole world,
Thank you for the magic, dreams coming true and Happily ever afters!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lines of Love!!

I love the cute drawings
and notes my hubby leaves me he is adorable!! xx

Friday, July 13, 2012

Guess Who's 70!?

Han Solo!!
Happy Birthday Harrison Ford!!

Sanrio Vs Street Fighter!!

Pop Culture History has just been made again!!
Two of Pop cultures greatest icons have come together,
Hello Kitty Chun-Li , Sanrio X Street Fighter.
Hello Kitty has been an Icon since she was released in 1974 weighing just as much
as 3 apples!!
I have been a Hello Kitty fan and collector for many many years, and I've seen many
collaborations and this is seriously one of the best.

Chun-Li is the first female playable fighter character in gaming since 1981,
I used to play the arcade game at the local hamburger shop as a kid
it's been my favorite game and gaming character forever!!

This is such a kick arse collaboration not just for women but men too,
all the Sanrio and Street fighter favorites have been brought together.
Badtz maru as Ryu, Kerroppi as Blanka, My Melody as Cammy and
Tuxedo Sam as E Honda.
The range has a bunch of awesome men and women's tees, totes
and Hello Kitty Chun- Li plushes that are only limited to a 1000 and available
at this years SDCC 2012.

This just confirms that Pop culture is bigger then ever gaming collaborating
with the most popular Japanese brand since the 1970s with an estimated worth of
$5 billion dollars!!
Make up collaborating with comics, Comics being brought by massive studios,
Pop Culture conventions bringing in 100 000 of thousands of people.
Its cool to be Geek!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

SDCC Comic con 2012 exclusives!!

In honor of San Diego Comic con 2012,
Check out these awesome exclusives....
Every year different company's release these special exclusives
only available at the event, hard to find and limited number there is something
for everyone, and it's an adventure to get them.....
If your not able to attend Comic Con or you miss out on exclusives at Comic con,
eBay it's your only hope....Hehe
I now exactly what I'm going to do tonight ;)

Betty, Veronica and Archie!?

Is anyone else excited as much as me!!
My favorite makeup is teaming up with my favorite comic characters as a kid!!
This collaboration is going to be AMAZING!!
Archie's Girls!!
Archie comics were my first introduction to comic books,
I used to buy them on weekends that I had to visit my dad,
I loved the art and the way they looked Betty was my totally favorite
sweet, kind, nice, loyal and cute.
I think Mac have come up with a great job organizing this collaboration
especially when comics are dominated merchandise and movies.....
The range will be announced at Comic con 2012,
which is just the perfect venue, the range will be released Spring 2013.
So Mac asks who are you?
Betty or Veronica....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Course of the force an Amazing charity event!!

This super fun event is 100% for charity....
A lightsabers relay, yes Lightsabers!! from Santa Monica to San Diego Comic Con
to raise money for the Make a wish Foundation.

Early this year in Australia we had the amazing 501st member Jacob who walk from
Perth to Sydney in his Stormtrooper armory to raise money for our
Australian make a wish foundation.
These are wonderful events that raise money for very important charities,
that grant sick children there wishes.
This is the very first year for course of the force and congrats to all involved.
You can check out more on there website, get involve or bid on there charity auctions @
May the force be with you.