Friday, October 26, 2012

Frankenweenie xx

On Monday we were so lucky to go to an early screening
of one of my favorite stories Frankenweenie.
It's based on Tim Burton's original short film from 1984.

The reason why I love this film so much is the love and relationship between
Sparky and Victor.
There is something extremely special about our loves for and from our pets.
Tim Burton brings the movie alive with quirky characters, stop motion, black and white
and real 3D.

It's also wonderful the homage that Tim Burton makes to classic old horror movies,
which I'm such a fan of especially the classic Universal horror movies Dracula and Frankenstein.

I cried, laughed and fell in love with the adorable Sparky all over again.
I think there are some really special messages in Frankenweenie,
The importance of a pet, relationships, friendships, sadness, differences,
Love, beauty and being true and unique to oneself.

" When you lose someone you love, they never really leave you.
They move into a special place in your heart."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Star Wars Halloween Style!!

Halloween just isn't Halloween without Star Wars!!
I love Star Wars!!

Every year when you think there is nothing more Star Wars could possibility create,
they surprise us all with something wonderful and new.
Not to mention how cool is the old skool Star Wars costumes from Ben Cooper.
We actually own a Ben Cooper 1977 Chewbacca and we have had so much fun
with that simple vintage costume.

There are also so many awesome new creative costumes for our pets,
clone wars and creative mash ups between Star Wars and other pop culture classics.

I'm also loving brands like Her Universe and Black Milk that give us more
female costumes.

It wouldn't be Halloween without Star Wars decorations, candy dishes, Star Wars pumpkins, pumpkin carving kits and Star Wars Halloween candy pails.

May the force put the boo in your Halloween!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Rocks!! Yes she does!!

Swarovski has done it again Hello Kitty Rocks,
this collection does rock!
Black, gold and white sparkle crystals.
Funky hello kitty charms with rock guitars and stars, leather bracelets and
rock royalty crystal purses.
Not to mention a few hello kitty gothic pieces which are perfect for the
Halloween season.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Costume sexy? Or not sexy?

What do you all think of sexy Halloween Costumes?
It seems that sexy Halloween costumes aren't as popular as they have been,
Last year Nicole Richie boycotted sexy Halloween costumes.
Jessica Alba was a traditional witch and Gwen Stefani dressed as Jesse from toy story cute!
Other celebrities that embrace more traditional halloween costumes Heidi Klum,
Kate Beckinsale looked awesome as the Bride of Frankenstein.

What if your invited to the playboy mansion Halloween party?
Vegas club costume Halloween parties
Sexy costumes are a must.
There are some super cute sexy Halloween costumes from
Josie loves J Valentine Unicorns and fluffy Japanese inspired characters.
Josie looks super cute and some of these costumes are just adorable.

Is Halloween about being sexy or about being scary?
Today on Ellen she expressed her dislike for the sexy sesame street costumes,
have halloween costumes gone to far and have they lost there spooky and Halloween feel.

Spooky or Sexy?!
What do you think.....

I think personally its what you feel comfortable and happy in!!
Enjoy your Halloween and have fun choosing your costumes.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Tees DIY

Cute Halloween Tshirt's DIY Project.
These are super cute for Halloween.
So you need just a plain orange Tshirt you can pick these up really cheap
in the men's section of Kmart for like five dollars.
Orange Tshirt, screen print screen, tape, paper, stencil, black fabric paint,
spatula, cutting board and cutting blades.

Next you need to cut out your pumpkin stencil using your
cutting board and blade.

Tape your stencil to your screen using masking tape,
and using a spatula evenly spread your black fabric paint along top of your stencil.
Place your Tshirt under the screen and remember to place cardboard inside the shirt to
prevent the fabric paint from going through to the back of the Tshirt.
( your pumpkin should look like it has one big monobrow hehe )

Evenly squeegee your paint over you stencil,
make sure you cover the whole area.
When it's all covered lift your screen and remove your shirt.
Tadaa!! Your new Tshirt is revealed.
Hang to dry.

Once your Tshirt is dry,
Style, enjoy and rock it!!

Remember these DIY tshirt's can be done also for pets!!
You just need plain cotton pet tees,
Repeat all the above steps and Wow!!
Instant pet costume's or Halloween tee's
for your little monsters ;)

Han Solo rocking her Halloween ghost tee!!