Saturday, May 19, 2012

Out of the shadows.....

This weekend I went to see Tim Burton's new film Dark Shadows.
( based on a 1960s/70s tv show with the same name)
It's Amazing really how Tim Burton has been an inspiration to me, many others,
actors, actresses and the movie industry, over the last 30years.

Tim Burton has been an inspiration to me from a very young age,
Being a 7 year old and watching Peewee's Big Adventure was every kids dream,
Magic shops, Dinosaurs, a cool bike and not to mention
Peewees rainbow gadget house!
We all wanted a house like that.....

My interest in Tim Burton's movies grew stronger as a teenager,
I still remember when The Nightmare Before Christmas was released on V.H.S.
( We didn't have a cinema in the small town I grew up in.)
So I begged my mum to let me hire it when it was released,
and it was like nothing I had seen before.
I feel in love with the technique of stop motion and the gorgeous characters from the film.

My respect and admiration for his films, works, characters, vision and art
only continues to grow.....
Tim's approach and ideas to take things out of the box and to turn them
into the most creative medium he can think of has really
encourage many people to be one thing.....

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