Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today I got sometime before Japanese lessons to enjoy the sunshine!
hang with my pupcakes,work on some new products in the 
yellow brick DOGHOUSE art studio.....
Talk to my mum on the phone,cuddle with hubby and watch some crappy reality tv.
Tomorrow its time to get the store ready for Spring yay!
Its time to kiss winter GOODBYE xx

Sunday, August 29, 2010


A weekend of relaxing turn into a weekend of adventures.....
We finshed our herb gardern with some help from
the pupcakes!
We had a little trip out to the nursery....
Where we meet some local dogs a talking cocky
and the cutest duck family.
I had a wonderful surprise!!!!!
Gran came to visit we had a few laughs and she shared some interesting stories
and some grandma advice.
The rest of the weekend was full of cute things,garden gnomes,tea parties,
pupcakes,smiles,giggles and love xx

Friday, August 27, 2010


This week we are totally loving granny squares
 Well you see I'm learning how to crochet and we have started our own
doggie toy line Puppycake Taco!
With the wonderful Vicki we are making some amazing new products for Barking Mad Berry.
Check out  the super kawaii scarf Vicki made for me love it!
Granny Square Love....
Rainbows of colour.
Doggie Coats.
Bed throws.
and so much more....
Crochet like your granny taught you...
smiles and granny hugs,enjoy your weekend xx

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm so excited that one of my fav people in the world Tim Burton,
is going to be working on the new indie film BIG EYES....
It is a bio on cult artist Margaret Keane.
Margaret Keanes influence can be seen in much of todays popculture and art.
Blythe dolls,corpse bride and the power puff girls are a few examples.
Tim Burton even commissioned Margaret Keane to paint a portrait of his then girlfriend/fiancee Lisa marie.
These pics above are oringinal Margaret Keane postcards that I purchased
to hang in my store,I just love the big doe eye kitsch artworks with the cute pups.
Margaret Keanes story is pretty amazing,her artworks were sold under her husbands name
Walter Keane and he claimed to be the artist,but it was really Margaret his shy wife.
She painted the works and Walter added his signature.
Eventually they came to divorce and conflict over this issue was a reason for this.
Margaret tried to let it be known that she was the artist,but Walter denied this and called her crazy.
The issue was battled out in court until a judge with wise judgement put up two easels and challenge
them to start painting.
Walter declined to paint stating a sore shoulder but Margaret just painted her beloved characters and won
the right to paint under her own name yay!

Monday, August 23, 2010


The weekend was full of adventure and a road trip to Sydney
for Daniel and Natalies wedding.
On the way to sydney we stopped at this craft shop in Gerrigong its been there for nearly 40years...
 It is owned by a group old ladies who handmake all the products,very cute. 
Daniel and Natalie's Wedding....
It was a beautiful wedding that took place at
The Tea Room Gunners Barracks a really pretty venue.

Me AND my Prince Charming xx
After a night of catching up,tears and laughter.
We enjoyed a beautiful Sunday morning at the rocks...
A sunday walk...
Taking in the views...
A visit to The Rocks Markets...
A quick fortune told and some spirtual healing....
A visit to the shops...
Its The Muppet Show!
After a beautiful sunny winter Sunday we headed to china town
for a quick lunch before the long drive home...
Chinese supermarkets,mooncakes,japanese fashion magazines
kitsch stores,markets and fortune tellers =
A happy Sunday xx

Saturday, August 21, 2010


This weekend we are off to sydney for
Dan and Nats Wedding!
I thought it would be cute to make some
pom poms to put on their pressie...
So did some cute little pupcakes.....
My pupcakes always make me laugh and smile!
Have a fabulous weekend.....
hugs and pom poms xx


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Pupcake Tacos is our new doggie toy crochet line.
Super cute,non toxic.
This is a preview of our new sushi delight range.


I've been living in Berry for the last three years.
  When I first moved here I cried for about a year.I missed the city, family, friends and Bondi.
It's amazing the adventures and wonderful people
I have met along this journey.
Recently I met Vicki we found each other by chance.
Shes a wonderful art and craft teacher and she has been all over Australia
teaching art and craft to the elderly, unemployed and the disabled.
She has also been overseas and taught art to deaf children in the Philippines.
Vicki has been working with me to make my new doggie toy crochet range,
She is amazing at crochet and she is teaching me.
Wednesday nights I go with my beautiful neighbour Robin (pic above)
to Vicki's art class its a mix range of ages and we all go for two hours
chat and get creative.
Some people make cards, scrap book or do a more planned activity.
I crochet, well try.....
Vicki helps and assits us with advice, materials and stories.
We have class in a little tin shed office in the Berry showground
where Vicki and her husband are the caretakers.
Vickis little dog Goldie joins us and shes a rescue pup with a big heart and smile.

Everyones welcome and you never know who you might meet?
Vicki also sells supplies and all the things she makes pop in and  have a look....
hugs and crochet hooks xx

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Nefarious Rabbit is a vintage wonderland!
It is located in Berry on the south coast.
It is a wonderland of vintage clothing,fabrics,wares,accessories
books and treasures.
Its worth the stop,the staff are amazing and super helpful.
Kaye the proprietor is the queen of vintage and super lovely.
Its your one stop vintage shop.....
This store really has everything your looking
for and more....
Even stuff you didn't know that you wanted,
but had to have.
The prices are so good you will be checking it twice.....

Take a fall down the wicked rabbit hole
you will be super styled and glad that you did.....