Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next Top Dog Model.....

I've expressed in blogs before how much I love dogs in fashion shoots,
but these pics are definitely a new favourite Gorgeous!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Do you want beautiful nails? Betsey do ;)

I'm a massive Betsey Johnson fan!!
I Love her clothes and own a few she's in my top 5 of go too's
when you need that perfect outfit.....
But I've never used any of her beauty products and lucky for me my mum
brought me home a bunch from her Betsey Johnson line at Sephora.
Hot pink, leopard, roses, lighting bolts and tutuz.....
Betsey rocks!!
P.s Betsey J tutu perfume smells divine!!

Mums a Treasure xoxo

My mums such a treasure,
She brought me some super Kawaii gifts while she was away
So cute!! Disney, Star Wars, Hello Kitty and Betsey Johnson,
Thanks mum xx
I also wanted to share some pics from her adventures on holidays,
too cute! gorgeous! Love ya mama xoxo

I'm absolutely in love with this photo my mum took of
Disney California Adventure Park, I think it's gorgeous,
I need to get this done on a canvas for my home.
I love it because mum took it and it reminds me so much of my 30th birthday
that we all spent in Disneyland the view from our window and the art hanging
in our suite.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's new? The Licksaber Collection!

I'm so excited, check out these out of this galaxy collection.
Forget lightsabers dogs are a Jedis Bestfriend,
now your pup or kitty can feel the force in these super fabulous
Inspired tees.

Guess who just got a new Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame.....

Congratulations to my favourite pals!
The Muppets....
They recieved a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame today, finally!!
" Life's a Happy song, when there is somebody by your side to sing along "

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter is coming.....


Hello friends.....

I've really been slack with my Blog over the last 2weeks,
It's been an interesting few weeks my brother got married, my mums been in New York,
and my nanny (granma) past away, she was a kind hearted lady godbless xx
I hope all who read or follow my blog are well and life's treating you all kindly,
Hugs and Smiles.....
P.s How great is this photo my mum took it in New York,
I think it just represents the city so well.

Just Married!!

Congratulations to my brother and his partner Julian,
I just got this picture message from New York.
They were both married in New York today, maybe in a few years
when we read back over this blog hopefully gay marriage will be legal in Australia.
#Marriage Equality
Congratulations Andrew and Julian xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dogs in Costumes, tips and pics

Dog costumes can be super cute,
Here are some great tips...
1. Make sure your pet is comfortable and happy to participate
2. Never leave your pet unattended in a costume
3. Make sure you take environment, safety into consideration,
Do not put costumes on your pets that are to tight, hot, block pets vision or
has small pieces that can be swallowed.
Always put your pets safety and wellbeing above all else.

Uggies back, check out his new commercial.....

The lovable dog Uggie is back staring as the new and 1st spokes dog
for Nintendo, Uggies doing a great job!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Artist puts down his pen.....

Farewell Ralph McQuarrie
The world lost a true artist and visionary.
Some of you may not know him by name, but would recognize and have seen some of his
brilliant art.
Ralph McQuarrie isn't only an artist, he is a legend,
Ralph McQuarrie has become a house hold name over the last few decades as
he is responsible for bringing George Lucas dream alive.
Ralph McQuarrie created the concept art for the first Star wars trilogy.
If it wasn't for Ralph McQuarrie the characters we have watched, known and love
would not have been the same from
Darth Vader, Chewbacca ( Han Solo's fuzzball Co pilot )
and the cheeky adorable R2D2....
The planets Hoth and Tatoonie or Cloud City might have never existed,
Thank you Ralph McQuarrie for bringing our Imaginations to life xx

" A fun fact on Ralph McQuarrie is he is in The Empire Strikes Back,
Uncredited in the opening scene at Hoth's echo base he plays General Pharl McQuarrie,
there is an action figure in his likeness."