Friday, January 4, 2013

Sketches from the heart!!

My husband is so amazing,
I like to think I'm good at art but my husbands talented just blows me away!!
I'm in love with these beautiful sketches my husband has been doing for me on his iPad,
Just using the paper app and a bamboo stylus xx

He's been drawing some of my absolute favorite Disney movies and characters as gifts
to me, I'm just in love with them thankyou huni Love you xx

Here's Paradise falls, which is a painting that hangs in Carl and Ellie's home in the movie
UP xx

Below is a drawing of the mural that Rapunzel paints in her tower,
From the movie Tangled xx

Too beautiful not to share!!


  1. Both you and your husband are very talented. I love them!

  2. Thanks Sonia!! Happy new year!!