Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dogs a real life Fairytale

We all love dogs. Dogs have been our loyal companions for years, always leaving happy memories in our hearts. Since human kind began, dogs and humans have had true relationships and lifelong friendships.
Dogs have taught us loyalty, and the real meanings of being a true friend. I don’t think anyone has ever captured the story or understood the human/dog relationship better than Disney. Through the art of storytelling and animation, Disney have brought the love of the dog to their films, from Mickey’s best pal Pluto, the classic heart-warming story ‘101 Dalmatians’ or the Romeo and Juliet style love story with the ‘Lady and the Tramp’. Maybe that’s why we love Disney movies so much...

There has always been a dog we can relate to from the classic to the contemporary alternative characters that capture the dog’s mannerisms and nature. Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, Jack Skellington’s ghost dog Zero, the barking foot stool from Beauty & the Beast, the loveable alien Stitch who poses on earth as a pup or the loyal royal trained horse Maximus from Disney’s newest animated film ‘Tangled’. Tangled is the 50th animated film from Disney. As the movies continue so do the classic or modern alternative dog characters.

The love of the dog is something that will never get old. The relationship between human kind and dogs is only getting stronger. Watch a Disney movie from past to present and this will be proven. Maybe Walt and his team knew this long before any of us.

Disney animation is one of the first real mediums to explore doggie fashions, over the top dog names or making the dog more part of the family than a backyard pet.

Whatever the reason I’m just happy that life has given us the love of the dog and just like Walt Disney said ... “It all started with a Dog... I mean mouse”.

Written by Rebecca Reed

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