Sunday, January 16, 2011

Japanese Photo booth for your pocket.....

I've been so excited to get my iPHONE4!
Japanese Photo Booth Apps.....
I've down loaded so many and they all have something special.
 My favourites are
 Puri Camera this app really captures the Japanese Photobooth the best.
Kitty Camera this is for all the Hello Kitty lovers,like me hehe
Theres not loads of graphics to choose from on this app but its still super kawaii, fast and fun
and its HELLO KITTY hello xo
Purilite I really like because its very simply to use,fast with some awesome kawaii graphics xx
Marron and Marron mini great and Dada Photoframes really sweet xo

Special Mentions....
Sticki Pici, Ipurikura, Puri Booth.
Happy photo deco taking and making xx