Sunday, September 18, 2011

Heroic Master of Pens Art Show

We checked out Heroic Master of Pens
Art Show.
It was a fun Saturday night, it is always great to see new art
and meet an artist that is passionate and inspired by what they do.
Fun pieces with retro cassettes, unicorns and super heroes.
The art show was held at the funky store,
Mr Pickles and me.
I love this store it's always filled of gorgeous homewares, gifts,
cards, one of kind pieces and loads of other fabulous treasures.
You can check It all out here


  1. I will be drawing lots more unicorns, tree people, and octohawks between now and NOWCON. I will be keeping you in mind. Thank you so much for featuring me in your blog and coming to the opening. Your own blog is really inspiring. It was a genuine pleasure to meet you guys. Stay in touch.

  2. Thank you so much can't wait to see more of your art, great blog it was lovely to meet you will all see you at Nowcon :)