Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's here!!

What's up my Nerds!!
Today's the day George Lucas has made history again,
with the release of the Star wars saga on blu ray yay!!
Hubby drove me in early this morning,so I could attend the official launch in Sydney.
Thank you huni!! Xo
Wow I think I was like one of five women and the rest were guys,
The launch was so fun with Storm Troppers galore, the 501st legion,
gift bags, blue carpet, limited numbered copies and even
Darth Vader made a special guest appearance!!
I will post a video on my new you tube channel Poptart culture soon.
I must admit I thought I would of seen loads more die hard fanboys and girls,
but it was such an early start and I only heard about it late yesterday,
I'm thinking alot of people didn't know about it?
Can't wait for a Star wars saga marathon this weekend!!
May the Force be with y'all xoxo

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