Monday, February 13, 2012

Dogs love Fashion!

I love this photo spread, from Vogue Girl Korea.
It has a Disney feel with the beautiful Dalmatian and Minnie Mouse polka dots.
Oh and the hair it's a modern Princess Leia.
I love animals and I love fashion,
We always talk about doggie fashion here at Barking Mad Berry,
but what about our four legged besties in fashion photo shoots....
We are seeing a lot more dogs in high end magazines, advertising,
movies and red carpets.
Why we are discussing fashion, women's fashion has gone to the cats.
I'm loving this cat lady craze, it just seems to be getting bigger
cat motfits, images on tshirts to dresses, designers from Jason Wu to Victoria Beckham
are all on the cat lady crazy train....
I want to purchase them all :)

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