Monday, May 21, 2012

Tim Burton everybody's Best friend.....

I'm beyond excited for Burton and Disney's new film

Tim Burton's has shown us an amazing love, understanding and respect for our
four legged best friends.
In previous blogs I've discuss the relationship
Walt Disney and The Walt Disney Studios have with dogs.

Tim Burton himself has had a long history working for the Walt Disney Company,
Attending Cal Arts with other Disney and Pixar legends such as
John Lasseter, Brad Bird and Rick Heinrichs.
While working for The Walt Disney Company in the 1980s,
Tim Burton created the concept of Frankenweenie which Disney approved to
be worked as a short film.
Tim himself always thought that the short film could of been stretch to a full length feature,
now here in 2012 Tim Burton's wish has been granted with the release of
Which has been reworked and inspired from the orginal short film.

Frankenweenie tells the story of
Victor Frankenstein and his dog Sparky.
It's really a story of love and friendship between a boy and his dog.
The film has been shot in black, white and stop motion.
Tim burton has said that stop motion and black and white mediums,
bring emotional qualities to the film.
Tim Burton has expressed and describe the importance of owning a dog,
owning several as a child.....

" I think for most kids that's kind of your first relationship,
and it's usually the best, it's the purest in a way.
With dogs, it's pure love and pure emotion"
- Tim Burton
( from the book Burton on Burton)

Tim Burton expresses this belief, love and emotion through many of his classic
films that feature a dog or dog like character.

In the stop motion short Vincent,
His pet dog Ambercrombie, puts up with Vincent's wild imagination
and even agrees to Vincent experimenting on him,
who wants to turn him into a zombie dog....

There is a recurring theme in some of Tim Burton's film
mostly the stop motion, family movies.
That the dog characters are deceased this can be extremely upsetting,
but Tim brings them to life in such a beautiful way that he gives them new life.

In The Nightmare before Christmas.....
Jack Skellington's ghost dog Zero
( who is one of the most popular dogs in film of all time)
Brings so much love, loyalty and responsibility to the confused but lovable Jack,
just by being his loyal companion

The Corpse Bride.....
Has a similar tone, but when Victor is pulled into another land,
Scraps the skeleton dog brings Victor a sense of comfort and support
in his time of need by being reunited with his old best friend.
All of these emotions and feelings expressed between these characters and there pet dogs,
really does go back to the core of what Tim Burton has expressed about the importance
of the human and dog relationship.

There are so many other amazing dogs,
Tim Burton has brought us from the TV episode Family Dog,
The chihuahua from Mars Attacks, Bayard the Bloodhound from Alice in Wonderland,
The outrageous grooming scene from Edward Scissorhands
and who can forget Peewee Herman's Dog Speck.

Another amazing element that Tim Burton brought to us regarding dogs is
in the beautiful film Edward Scissorhands.
A scene in the film the towns people go crazy and turn on the scared Edward.
In his time of confusing and isolation a dog appears and shows
Edward he still believes in him.
I really think Tim Burton added this to the film to express that dogs really do
Love us unconditional.

With Walt Disney it all started with a mouse,
With Tim Burton it started with horror movies, monsters and Frankenstein
But just maybe deep down somewhere it also started with a dog......

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