Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just adored Japan,the fashion and people are some of the most fabulous in the world!
Here I'm channeling my inner lolita,kicking it on the streets of Japan.
I visited some of the most fabulous outrageous stores from boutiques,dogshops and daiso stores
(where nearly everything is 100yen,1dollar people)
Charms,fake eyelashes, hello kitty candy are just a few of the treasures I discovered there.
WEGO, we loved this store it was full of vintage mixed with Japenese designs and fashion.
WC by chinastsu wakatsuki was one of my favs,it has the cutest bear as its logo,
Sweet tees and bright fun playsuits, not to mention how cute are there bunny head mannequins!

Angelic Pretty and Alice And The Pirates!
These were definitley two of my fav boutiques in Harajyuku.
The detail in this clothing takes it from fashion to art its truly amazing.
Super pretty lolita dresses and accessories,big bows with delicate detailing,tiny tophats adorn with lace.
This is the stuff dreams are made of,its heaven in a store.
But be warned pretty=expensive.
Pets Paradise
Harajyuku,Takeshita st.
This was a sweet little dog boutique thats main focus was kitsch kawaii doggie fashion and accessories.
Cute strawberry doggie beds,snoopy and a huge range of disney doggie fashion.
What I loved most about this store was that it didnt sell any dogs.
Very sweet, I also snapped up a few goodies for my little furry monsters.
This is a 5 level toystore for kids of all ages.
There is a whole level dedicated to Miss HelloKitty,a Disney floor and even a Snoopy Town.
Its alot of fun and your YES allowed to touch!

Daiso Harajyuku.
The magic 100yen store.
Wow!these babies are all over Japan and they are seriously fabulous,especially if your the creative type.
They are a treasure chest full of kawaii goodies.....
Writting paper,heart shape chopsticks,candy,hellokitty,disney accessories,glitter....
you name it they have it,so crazy and loads of fun!
I got all this for 4000yen($40) Holla!
Harajyuku Takeshita Street Japan.
I'm sure Takeshita street is one of the most famous streets in the world.
I'ts definitely one of my favourites.
I'ts crazy busy,bright fun and endearing,the fashion is extreme and amazing!
The biggest trends I saw in Japan were leopardprint,lace,floral,leggings,bagcandy,
sparkly makeup and giant doll like fake eyelashes.....
If you love fashion and if you love life,
Japan is for you!
love and sushi rolls;)

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