Monday, April 30, 2012

Heaven in a Room....

When I saw this magazine cover, it just screamed Heaven!
Imagine my delight when I open the pages and saw this stunning editorial,
I felt like I found my long lost design sister.....
The use of colour, vintage mix with modern, funky accents and did I mention
It reminded me so much of my own decorating style with many similar mixes, and items
The house belongs to Stacey Bendet who is the owner/designer of fashion label
Alice and Olivia.

I'm such a huge colour user, yes my home may look liked a rainbow
has exploded but it's so wonderful and inspiring.
The secret to using colour is not to be scared of it, colour is your Bestfriend.
You don't need to go to extremes, but a white and beige house
with a couple of colour cushion accents isn't using colour.....
My style is definitely a required taste but my secret to decorating is to be you!!
Don't just do beige and white and anything you exactly see in a catalogue
Bring your personality into your home, just Like Stacey has with her New York Pad.

When I'm designing or adding things to my space,
I bring in items that reflect myself and my family.
Paintings my husband has done, photography of my mums, dog and kitty accents and lush beddings for and to represent my fur children.
Items from my travels and my favourite places, Disneyland, Las Vegas and Tokyo
being 3 of my biggest inspirations.
My style would be Fairytale, eccentric, dreamy meets modern popculture.....
It's hard to define my style if it was an Icecream flavor it would be
Bubble Gum Rainbow with coloured Sprinkles ;)
Think Alice in Wonderland meets Wizard of Oz xx

Alot of my living room pieces are from Op shops, markets, travels,
Kitsch stores, random finds, ikea, my gran, funky overseas websites, artists,
Designers, ikea, art gallery's, comic stores, Kmart, Domayne, Target, Disneyland
and tacky souvenir stores ;)
Inspiration can be found everywhere you can't buy style, but you all so can't
push your on style onto others.
I'm such a lover of vintage and retro furniture!
But make it your OWN!
Spray Paint is your best friend, we make so much of our own pieces to recovering,
Painting, framing and decorating the secret is to mix it with modern and quirky pieces,
or your home will just look like another pricing Melbourne upcycle/vintage store.

It's funny next time your out and about check out people's fashion style,
Which I think totally reflects a persons home and decorating style.
I definitely dress like my home I probably blend in like a chameleon hehe
In the next week I'll do some more posts and photos of my living spaces,
Happy decorating :)


  1. What a great blog!!!! Very inspiring. You really are the best! Love you babe.X