Friday, April 20, 2012

Ill Tumblr for ya!!

Hey Pupcakes just wanted to let you all know we have a Tumblr....
Check it all out here
Follow us, let us know your tumblrs and send us your favourite pics of your pets,
so we can share them here or on our twitter follow us here @barkingmadberry twitter.
Just a quick update Barking Mad Berry only has twitter, tumblr and blogs,
we do not have a facebook.
Keep your photos and emails coming we are really enjoying our online business,
but we miss seeing you all thats why we are introducing, home deliveries.
Thankyou!! for all your photos and emails they mean so much.
Please contact us, send pics, stock enquires or would like to be added to our newsletter list here

I had to share this quirky funny tumblr with you all....
Is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy?
I definately have to choose the PUPPIES!!
see more here

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