Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Would the real Stan Lee please stand up.....

Who is the real Stan Lee?
A few nights ago we were out and in a conversation about movies,
Actors/actresses and new movies being released.....
In between talking about Captain America and The new Avengers film.
I made a comment about Stan Lee and his appearances in the Marvel movie franchises,
I love them there cheeky and it's wonderful to see the creator of some of the most awesome
character's of all time get the credit and respect he deserves.
During this conversation there came comments such as my girlfriend doesn't even know
Who Stan Lee is or which ones Stan Lee?
I was like what?
So who is Stan Lee?
He is like the Hugh Hefner of comic books,
Comic book writer, creator, public face of Marvel, Comic Convention God,
Actor, comedian, Comic Book KING.

Stan Lee never Disappoints, I just saw The new Avengers movie
and it was Awesome!
action packed, funny, classic and Amazing in 3D.
Stan Lee must be beyond proud of the cast of the new Avengers film
and Marvel movie Franchises.
The actors and actresses chosen to represent these iconic characters
are beyond amazing and extremely talented.
The Avengers is the must see film of 2012.
P.S watch out for Stan Lees classic cameos.

This is how I want to roll at 89,
Cheeky bugger ;)

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