Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I'm so excited that one of my fav people in the world Tim Burton,
is going to be working on the new indie film BIG EYES....
It is a bio on cult artist Margaret Keane.
Margaret Keanes influence can be seen in much of todays popculture and art.
Blythe dolls,corpse bride and the power puff girls are a few examples.
Tim Burton even commissioned Margaret Keane to paint a portrait of his then girlfriend/fiancee Lisa marie.
These pics above are oringinal Margaret Keane postcards that I purchased
to hang in my store,I just love the big doe eye kitsch artworks with the cute pups.
Margaret Keanes story is pretty amazing,her artworks were sold under her husbands name
Walter Keane and he claimed to be the artist,but it was really Margaret his shy wife.
She painted the works and Walter added his signature.
Eventually they came to divorce and conflict over this issue was a reason for this.
Margaret tried to let it be known that she was the artist,but Walter denied this and called her crazy.
The issue was battled out in court until a judge with wise judgement put up two easels and challenge
them to start painting.
Walter declined to paint stating a sore shoulder but Margaret just painted her beloved characters and won
the right to paint under her own name yay!

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