Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been living in Berry for the last three years.
  When I first moved here I cried for about a year.I missed the city, family, friends and Bondi.
It's amazing the adventures and wonderful people
I have met along this journey.
Recently I met Vicki we found each other by chance.
Shes a wonderful art and craft teacher and she has been all over Australia
teaching art and craft to the elderly, unemployed and the disabled.
She has also been overseas and taught art to deaf children in the Philippines.
Vicki has been working with me to make my new doggie toy crochet range,
She is amazing at crochet and she is teaching me.
Wednesday nights I go with my beautiful neighbour Robin (pic above)
to Vicki's art class its a mix range of ages and we all go for two hours
chat and get creative.
Some people make cards, scrap book or do a more planned activity.
I crochet, well try.....
Vicki helps and assits us with advice, materials and stories.
We have class in a little tin shed office in the Berry showground
where Vicki and her husband are the caretakers.
Vickis little dog Goldie joins us and shes a rescue pup with a big heart and smile.

Everyones welcome and you never know who you might meet?
Vicki also sells supplies and all the things she makes pop in and  have a look....
hugs and crochet hooks xx

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