Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Tees DIY

Cute Halloween Tshirt's DIY Project.
These are super cute for Halloween.
So you need just a plain orange Tshirt you can pick these up really cheap
in the men's section of Kmart for like five dollars.
Orange Tshirt, screen print screen, tape, paper, stencil, black fabric paint,
spatula, cutting board and cutting blades.

Next you need to cut out your pumpkin stencil using your
cutting board and blade.

Tape your stencil to your screen using masking tape,
and using a spatula evenly spread your black fabric paint along top of your stencil.
Place your Tshirt under the screen and remember to place cardboard inside the shirt to
prevent the fabric paint from going through to the back of the Tshirt.
( your pumpkin should look like it has one big monobrow hehe )

Evenly squeegee your paint over you stencil,
make sure you cover the whole area.
When it's all covered lift your screen and remove your shirt.
Tadaa!! Your new Tshirt is revealed.
Hang to dry.

Once your Tshirt is dry,
Style, enjoy and rock it!!

Remember these DIY tshirt's can be done also for pets!!
You just need plain cotton pet tees,
Repeat all the above steps and Wow!!
Instant pet costume's or Halloween tee's
for your little monsters ;)

Han Solo rocking her Halloween ghost tee!!