Sunday, August 15, 2010


Last night we thought it be cool to camp out
in our new art studio.
So we packed up all our crochet blankets,marshmallows,boardgames
 and the pupcakes for an overnight camp out.
Snuggle pups.
We thought it would be fun to watch horror movies....
We thought wrong,after the wind storm,something crashing down on the art studio
 and over protected pups it was time to watch something else.
Ghost stories?
Tasty treats.....
                                                                 Vintage board games.
Camping is natures
way of promoting
the motel business.....
Shh did you
hear that?
We settled in and watched a Studio Ghibli Classic.
Howls Moving Castle, japanese anime these movie are timeless
and beautiful.
Howls Moving Castle has elements of The wizard of oz and labyrinth.
It was an awesome night full of laughs but most of all
we were all together living life full of love and happiness......
hugs and scary movies xx

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