Wednesday, November 10, 2010


In my bag this week....
I love my Obama bag by shine shine that my beautiful hubby brought me...
Its been a crazy week so my bag is working over time,check whats hanging out in my bag.....
My Hello Kitty mini polaroid it arrived early from Japan its for my birthday but I got it early love it,
Polaroids I'm snap happy at the moment super kawaii,Dog Umbrella its rainy its sunny?,
Keep calm carry on bandaids to cool, Mac venomous makeup I can't get enough of my cruella red lipstick,
Blythe pin,Leopard vintage sunglasses,Puffed paint arhh I found this in sportsgirl yesterday I haven't had it since I was a kid now I just want to paint everything and my Hiragana Japanese workbook study.
Whats in your bag?
"Stay puffed"
"Say Cheese"
"keep calm and carry on"

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