Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pupcasso Puppy Painting Party!

We had the most fun night with our puppies!
We had a Pupcasso Puppy Painting Party Fun!
The pups had a blast it was loads of fun!
Great news the kits will be available in store
at the end of July :)

Here's some pics of the finished artworks,
We keep some pieces to display at home
and the others in store!
Don't they look fabulous such a special gift
we can keep and share forever xoxo
P.s I had the idea to take mini polaroids of the pups paintings to frame
with there paintings it gives it an even more special, unique
and personal touch xx


  1. What a great idea! How cute are those doggies?!

  2. Thanks huni, there my four Nimbin, star baby puffin aka The puff, bunny Jamaica and Hefner Billy ray Vader reed :)