Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our pics for Top Dog Costume

In honour of International Comic Con here's our pics for top dog costume
Dog Costumes have been around for a while but they seem to be getting bigger, better, safer, more comfortable and even more amazing!
Costumes for annual events are extremely popular such as, Halloween, Christmas and special occasions. they have come a long way from bow ties and pumpkin suits. Here we share our top 10 doggie costumes of all time
1. Harry Potter - perfect for the Wizardly hound

2. Star Wars costumes - May the force be with you. Too many great ones to choose from

3. Snow White - Don’t give this dog no apples

4. Indiana Jones - For the adventure dog

5. Dorothy Wizard of Oz - Follow the Yellow brick road to the cutest costume

6. Marshmallow Man - perfect for the pups with a little extra cushion

7. Rainbow Brite - ooh she so cute
8. Dinosaur - this costume will never be extinct!

9. Woody from Toy Story - Giddy up cowboys
10. Mario Bros - Gamers! need I say more

... special mention the dog Ewok costume, I’m in love with this adorable costume

A tip from the Doghouse
Make sure the costume fits properly! The wrong size costume could endanger you pet by restricting vision, breathing or cause tripping. Choosing the right size costume isn’t just for your pets comfort but their safety is alway our main concern.


  1. @ yes there all super cute!!