Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Room Makeovers

Hey Pupcakes!
How is everyone a big shout out to my new followers!
Yay! I love new followers, nice comments and catching up
with all of you!
I'm actually home sick so I've been thinking of new ways to decorate!
For those of you that know me well I'm a huge collector of kawaii things,
I love Pop Culture the 1980s, Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Disney, Muppets,
Ghostbusters, old skool horror movies, 80s tv shows.......
The list goes on and on, I love to combine all these into my home and decorating!
Anyways I'm rearranging the guest room, I want to turn half of it into a
gaming room.
The only thing I can't really do is paint the walls, I can't wait until the day we can
Paint it!!
So I'm going with a Star Wars theme with a huge splash of pop culture memorabilia.
I'll post pics and videos later when it's done, I'm starting a new you tube channel but
more about that later......
Check out some great pics I found to kick off the inspiration :)

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