Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Costume sexy? Or not sexy?

What do you all think of sexy Halloween Costumes?
It seems that sexy Halloween costumes aren't as popular as they have been,
Last year Nicole Richie boycotted sexy Halloween costumes.
Jessica Alba was a traditional witch and Gwen Stefani dressed as Jesse from toy story cute!
Other celebrities that embrace more traditional halloween costumes Heidi Klum,
Kate Beckinsale looked awesome as the Bride of Frankenstein.

What if your invited to the playboy mansion Halloween party?
Vegas club costume Halloween parties
Sexy costumes are a must.
There are some super cute sexy Halloween costumes from
Josie loves J Valentine Unicorns and fluffy Japanese inspired characters.
Josie looks super cute and some of these costumes are just adorable.

Is Halloween about being sexy or about being scary?
Today on Ellen she expressed her dislike for the sexy sesame street costumes,
have halloween costumes gone to far and have they lost there spooky and Halloween feel.

Spooky or Sexy?!
What do you think.....

I think personally its what you feel comfortable and happy in!!
Enjoy your Halloween and have fun choosing your costumes.

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