Friday, September 21, 2012

Frankenweenie World Premiere at Fantastic Fest 2012

The movie that the whole world has been waiting for opened at
The fantastic film festival in Austin Texas yesterday.

The much loved Frankenweenie world premiere went to the dogs you could say?!
With a special showing of the film with guests and there pets dressed in formal attire!!
What a wonderful idea, The gorgeous Tim Burton was there to celebrate along
with other members of the cast and crew.

Tim even discussed how many people over the years had told him there own dogs
are big fans of his films.

I believe and can relate to this as one of my puppies Nimbin loves
The Nightmare before Christmas,
He just loves Zero Jacks pet ghost dog.....

It's an inspiration to see Tim's Frankenweenie come to life and be reborn after all these years,
If you haven't seen Tim's originally short film Frankenweenie he made in 1984
while working at Disney it's a must.

How wonderful to see Winona Ryder at the world premiere,
She looked just gorgeous in this perfect burtonise black and white dress,
she looked amazing and I can't wait to see her as the voice of Elsa Van Helsing.

I'm so excited to see Frankenweenie, as Tim Burton discuss its a whole new project
A new medium, new story, revisiting original drawings, new ideas,
old memories of people, teachers he remembers from school
and even the architecture of Burbank have brought this movie to life.

Frankenweenie opens in the US the 5th of October 2012
and here in Australia the 25th of October 2012.
Just in time for Halloween.

I think we know what the most popular Halloween costumes will be this year,
Especially for dogs!!

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