Monday, September 17, 2012

Lucky pets!!

I'm just loving Holly Madison's new pet collection that she recently
launched at Super Zoo 2012 in Las Vegas,
Lucky Pet Products by Holly Madison.
Cute tees and Pink pastel dog toys is a nice and refreshing addition to
the Pet Industry.

I'm a big supporter of this range because I love the fact Holly Madison does a lot
for rescue dogs and animals in general her range which was inspired by
the wonderful work and help that she does for
The Animal Foundation Las Vegas.

Being a fellow pet rescue mama and animal rescue supporter this is very important to me.
Congrats to Holly for bringing her own dog rescue Louis to the launch of the new range
and her continue work with pet rescue/adoption and PETA.

For more information on pet rescue please check out these sites,
My chosen charity's

For more information on The Animal Foundation

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