Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome to Hotel Transylvania......

We love this time of year we are getting so excited for Halloween,
I've loved Halloween since little even though Australia's only really starting
to celebrate it here in the last few years.

I think my love from Halloween started from the love of jack o lanterns, Disney movies
and classic Tim Burton films.

I've trick or treated, decorated and dressed up as long as I can remember,
I even use to carve pumpkins out of the hardest, greenest Australian pumpkins for years,
until finally we got the gorgeous orange pumpkin carving pumpkins in our local supermarkets.

No matter how you celebrate, Halloween can be one of the most
enjoyable times of the year.....
Check out the beginning pics of my latest Halloween decorations!!

We also started the Halloween season off last night seeing the
adorable Hotel Transylvania.
Its a super cute film filled with lovable characters and Adam Sandler as Dracula.

The count down begins for the movie of the year Frankenweenie
I'm so excited!!

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