Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lakers Love!!

Gabes 30th Birthday Dream Trip!!
One of the best things Gabe and I have done so far on this trip is
have the chance to attend a Los Angeles Lakers Home Game!!
This was beyond epic, It really is a must do on the list of life!!
I'm beyond Happy about how wonderful this experience was!!

This was one of my loves Gabe's biggest dreams and it was so amazing to
see it come true xx

We both had such an amazing time and haven't laugh so hard,
Kiss Cam and Dance Cam are two of the best things ever invented hehe!!

The Game was really spectacular and the Lakers lost by a few points,
but it was still one of the best nights we have both ever had!!

What is an Los Angeles Lakers Game without pizza, giant foam fingers,
Kiss cam, dance cam and celebrities.....
Jack Nicholson hiding the ball on the side line, Woody Allen goofing off
and most of all my love was able to see his idol and inspiration
Anthony Kiedis hanging out a few seats away enjoying the game!!

Lets Go Lakers!!
Defense Defense!!

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