Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This week in the DOGHOUSE....
Im working on new windows with a gardern gnome feel,cleaning the store,chasing away the rain
 and working on the website.
I'm getting excited because tomorrow we are flying off to melbourne
for the opening of the Tim Burton exhibition and a master class
with the man himself!
I was thinking of dressing up like the sexy alien from Mars Attacks,Sally or
Kim from Edward Scissorhands,but its super cold so maybe not.
I'm super excited Timmy B is one of my creative heros!
I'm going to try to see Toy Story 3 and cram in some shopping
checkout some of the random things ive found this week.
Melbournes great for finding random shit thats why
I love shopping there.
How awesome is this giant chiwow statue and alice and wonderland russian dolls
I found them in the local cuckoo clock shop.
I so want to do a photo shoot in there....
More random trinkets from all over the place.
Enjoy the rest of your week
love,gnomes&martians xx

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