Saturday, February 20, 2010


 Just like every other person in the universe i cant wait to see Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland.
 Its everywhere you look so you cant help but be excited magazine covers,blue sparkle nails,teacup necklaces,doggie tees.....
so if you excited like the rest of us with our blue nails and mini tophat headbands here's  a few things to kept you entertain....

Tom Binns For Disney Couture.
Toms collection is full of teacups,hearts,clocks,rabbits,swarovski crystals,fabulous!
O.P.I Alice In Wonderland Nail Lacquers.
The colours are fabulous,I just love the mini pack because you get all four colours
with names "off with her red","absolutley alice" how can you resist.

Whats down the rabbit hole.....
PrinceNimNim Designs.
My fur monsters love there's.

Super kawaii trinket's @ Hot Topic.

Etsy has some amazing Alice in Wonderland inspired treasures,
I love this painting(print) of little Alice and the eat me mushroom,
available @ pinkytoast etsy shop.
Im late for an important date!
love,fur and teacups xoxo

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