Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ears to you George!!

George Lucas has signed Star Wars to Disney
for 4.5 billion dollars.
It's really a full circle moment two of my biggest Inspiration!
George Lucas and Walt Disney have joined together!!
I think this is so exciting, I applauded George Lucas strength and gratitude!
I watched an interview with him regarding Disney and the selling of The Star Wars Franchise
and he could not of been anymore gracious, kind and sweet.
Not to mention that he's putting most of the money towards his George Lucas
education foundation.

Twitter blew up with comments, tweets and photos!!
There are some really great Disney/StarWars mashups that I just have to share!

Imagine if Disney hired Tim Burton to direct the new Star Wars film know that would be
crazy, three of my inspirations all working together! Whoa!!

Congratulations to Mr Lucas and Disney xx

And they all lived Happily ever after in a galaxy far far away xx

This is my favorite!! Love it!!


  1. You crack me up... I think Disney will do a better episode 7 than George did with episode 1-3... pity he has great ideas just not great execution...

  2. @Dr Dalim haha I'm glad I can make people laugh