Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mighty Harajuku!

The Mighty Harajuku Project is so important, We have been blessed to have been to Harajuku.
It is all you you can dream of and more, growing up in a small town I always dressed for me,
clothes to me are more than just a bunch of material sewn together, it is an expression of who you are, a creative inspirational art piece.
In and being in Harajuku is the first time in my whole life that I have been 100% comfortable and appreciated for my fashion.
The art the creativity, people, the fashion and the spirit is the heart of Harajuku.
It would be sad for harajuku to lose its appeal, there needs to be more places like Harajuku in the world but sadly there isn't, why we need to keep the love and spirit alive is so further generations can enjoy it and express who they are, especially in sad and hard times.
I feel personally if there were more places as strong and as beautiful as Harajuku, the world would be a more beautiful place, as cliché as it sounds people would enjoy being themselves, bullying would be non existent and communities would find heart and spirit once again