Saturday, April 9, 2011

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What is the Mighty Harajuku Project?
Sebastion Masuda is the man behind the Harajuku Project.
After the Tohoku earthquake and Tsunmani devastation the whole of Japan has been affected, while the situation in Tokyo was much better than other parts of the country, the impact of the earthquake was felt even in Harajuku.
Harajuku was nearly deserted after the earthquake, days after the earthquake hit, Sebastion came up with the idea of The Mighty Harajuku Project.
The idea of the Harajuku Project was to simply to bring the people of Harajuku who live, work and visit come together to support and help
one another.
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Electric Alice is amazing online concept store full of Japanese clothing and accessories.
Electric Alice is encouraging people to send in photos for them to share with the Alice community.
They will also past on pics to Sebastion Masuda the CEO of 6% dokidoki
and creator of the mighty Harajuku Project.
Check out the Electric Alice amazing store

Thank-you to all the local businesses who supported and participated,
The Berry Tea Shop, Nefarious Rabbit, Gold Fish Toys and Gifts,
The Berry Lolly Shop and for my husband Gabriel for taking photos
and our pupcake Hef.
Berry Hearts the Mighty Harrajuku Project xx

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