Friday, January 13, 2012

The Muppet Dream Team!!

If you were a muppet who do you think you be!!
There has been so many theories on who or what would play the muppets,
in a live action film hehe.....
Here's mine
Zachary Levi as Kermit the Frog.
" Handsome and nerdy "
Pamela Anderson as Miss Piggy
" Gorgeous , fabulous and they both have matching blonde locks "
Jason Segel as Fozzie Bear
" Super adorable and funny"
Ted Mosby as Walter
" Sweet and they go to the same hairdresser"
Justin Timberlake as Scooter
" They both look great in glasses geek chic"
Tim Burton as Crazy Harry
" Separated at birth?? "
Josie Stevens as Janis
" Pretty with Rock star style"
George Lucas as Chef
" matching facial hair "
Tommy Lee as Animal
" Wild awesome Drummers "
Hugh Hefner as Gonzo
" They both get all the chicks ;)"
I love the muppets have you seen there new movie yet?
It's a must!!

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