Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Would George Do.....

I'm extremely excited to see the George Lucas,
Oprah interview.....
Why well I'm a massive George Lucas fan,
and no it's not just because I love Star Wars.
George Lucas, Tim Burton, Walt Disney, Hugh Hefner
and Steven Spielberg are my idols, role models and icons.
If I could meet or have a dinner party and invite anyone in the world,
It be these guys.
I think these guys all have alot in common they strive in there fields,
Passionate, Creative, Stubborn, World Changers, Dream Believers,
and Dream Makers.
I think George Lucas is going to be my inspiration for 2012,
He released Star Wars in his 33rd year and followed his dreams,
Stayed true, creative and passionate.....
This year I need to remember 4 important letters.....
( What Would George Do ) hehe

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