Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe.....

Happy Birthday
To the most stunning, talented, intelligent
and most famous Blonde in the world.....
Marilyn Monroe.

Did you know Marilyn was such a dog lover how wonderful,
She had owned many dogs an adorable Chihuahua, Ruffles, Tippy and Hugo...

The most well know dog being Mafia Honey who shared the last years of Marilyn's life,
Frank Sinatra gave Marilyn the puppy maltese that she named Mafia Honey,
Maf for short (an inside joke between Marilyn and Frank).
regarding Franks relations with the mafia.
Marilyn and Maf went everywhere together until she sadly passed.
Maf was then adopted and lived with Frank Sinatra's secretary.
Happily but missing Marilyn everyday.....

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