Friday, June 15, 2012

A letter from Barking Mad Berry.....

Hiya Pupcakes,
Welcome here's what's new!! is now officially a clearance store, until sold out!
Our new store is now
Kawaii Collective!
Our new store features
-gifts -treasures -pupcakes -kitty's -art -books -pop culture -vinyls
and all things wonderful and cute!
There is so much still arriving from L.A and other amazing places.

We will still be doing dogs and kitty products,
but we have decided to go back to what we were originally doing 4years ago
when we first opened Barking Mad Berry.
We want to find the cute the fun and adorable,
unusual gifts for your pets and pet lovers.

Thank you all so much for sharing the last four years with us,
We have so many happy memories from all your visits, stories, photos,
cuddles with your pets, art shows, In store parties and annual celebrations.
We have raised a wonderful amount of money for our favorite charities,
donated for many events and fundraised over the last four years.
We are advocates for rescue pets and pets with disabilities,which is very close to
our hearts especially having our own rescues and a pet with a disability.
( which we consider a blessing and the loves of our lives )
We will continue to support our charities and share our love for animals
with the world.....
Love, light, faith, trust and Pixie Dust.....
Nimbin, Star baby puffin, Bunny Jamaica,
Hefner and Han Solo

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