Thursday, October 11, 2012

The king of Halloween.....

The King of Halloween.....
When people think of Halloween it's hard not to think of one of the
most amazing, creative, talented directors ever Tim Burton.

I think of Tim Burton as the King of Halloween because of some of the most
loveable characters and films he has created and brought to us over the last 4 decades.

The adorable misunderstood Jack Skellington the king of Halloween town,
and the sweet love story between Jack and Sally make it one of the most popular,
and probably the best Halloween movie made in history.
Not to mention one of the best Christmas movies ever made.

Tim Burton has often expressed he's not a dark person and I feel some people
think of him as an Halloween Icon because he's a little misunderstood.
Being really the totally opposite sure he loves to wear black and most of his movies
are macabre and have singing and dancing skeletons and bone dogs or pets being
brought back from the dead,
But his work also has a lot of humor, he makes us fall in love with these characters,
and yes they are full of real emotion, this is why a lot of us can relate.
We have all felt a bit left out, weird, bullied
or misunderstood sometimes in our lives.

Don't get me wrong, he does have a style and quality to his work that do scream
darkness and macabre.
But his movies are so full of love, emotion and companionship that you can't help
but think maybe his head is full of hugs, rainbows and unicorns!? Hehe

No matter what Tim Burton is one of our favorite directors
and has many people that love and adore his work....
The best thing about Tim Burton is that he can fill a cinema
with so many different kinds of people.
Bringing people together, appreciating each others personal style, personalities and life styles.,
Is one of the best gifts anyone can give to each other.
" One Persons Craziness is another persons Reality"
-Tim Burton.

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  1. Great post and fabulous pictures! I am most definitely one of those people who "love and adore his work". :)