Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Trees.....

It's not just about Christmas trees in December,
Decorative trees have become a huge part of the Halloween season.
Halloween trees are getting bigger every year even with stores dedicating a
whole section to Halloween ornaments for the spooky holiday season.
Why even now at your local shopping malls, Christmas trees come in every color
with black being one of the most popular choices.
I've had my black tree for a few years now and I've been doing Halloween trees
for the last few years.
Many people have discussed why Halloween trees? Where did it start?
A lot have suggested the spooky haunted tree a deserted forest,
overwhelming amounts of Halloween decorations, the season change,
the love of decorating and the holiday season have inspired the Halloween tree.

My Halloween and my Christmas tree
are inspired by one of my favourite stories, movie and person.....
Tim Burton's
The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I love mashing the two holidays together and celebrating from October to December.
Check out some pics of this years Halloween tree.....
I also found some pictures of other people's Halloween trees,
Be Inspired!!

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