Friday, July 13, 2012

Sanrio Vs Street Fighter!!

Pop Culture History has just been made again!!
Two of Pop cultures greatest icons have come together,
Hello Kitty Chun-Li , Sanrio X Street Fighter.
Hello Kitty has been an Icon since she was released in 1974 weighing just as much
as 3 apples!!
I have been a Hello Kitty fan and collector for many many years, and I've seen many
collaborations and this is seriously one of the best.

Chun-Li is the first female playable fighter character in gaming since 1981,
I used to play the arcade game at the local hamburger shop as a kid
it's been my favorite game and gaming character forever!!

This is such a kick arse collaboration not just for women but men too,
all the Sanrio and Street fighter favorites have been brought together.
Badtz maru as Ryu, Kerroppi as Blanka, My Melody as Cammy and
Tuxedo Sam as E Honda.
The range has a bunch of awesome men and women's tees, totes
and Hello Kitty Chun- Li plushes that are only limited to a 1000 and available
at this years SDCC 2012.

This just confirms that Pop culture is bigger then ever gaming collaborating
with the most popular Japanese brand since the 1970s with an estimated worth of
$5 billion dollars!!
Make up collaborating with comics, Comics being brought by massive studios,
Pop Culture conventions bringing in 100 000 of thousands of people.
Its cool to be Geek!!

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