Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Really Does Fly!!

I can't believe it's July?!
This year has flown and I just can't keep up,
I've had this discussion with all different ages, all different friends
and honestly we all agree this is the fastest year that we have all experienced.
It really is the year of transition so many people I know are changing
there jobs, ideas and careers.....
We took the weekend off and just enjoyed it at home,
with family and friends.
We had a casual Friday night catch up with my in laws,
a sushi party with my Gran and great Aunty on Saturday and we had
an awesome Sunday outdoor winter party with our neighbors
fire pits, marshmallows, pink dart boards, darts, walks with the puppies, hugs with our kitty,
Green tea, afternoon sunshine and fuse-ball = Fabulous Weekend!! xx

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