Monday, July 2, 2012

Oz Comic Con 2012

The weekend was a random adventure last minute
day trip to Melbourne....
On Friday we heard last minute that Stan Lee (The Hugh Hefner) of comics was
Coming to Melbourne for Oz Comic Con.
I hadn't heard a thing about it, anyway long story short thanks to my mum and brother
Gabe and I were lucky enough to take a last minute day trip to Melbourne.

We were so lucky to get the chance to see Stan the man Lee
and attend his panel, if you every get the opportunity to see Stan Lee,
It's totally worth it he is charming, witty, old skool, honest and animated,
he's like a cartoon character and he's exactly like how he appears in all his
movie cameos full of energy, the mans 89 years old and he was the most popular
guy at the event, 40,000 people showed up to see this legend.

It was so worth the trip to see the talented inspirational Stan Lee.
We had a great time, but the event itself was very unorganized
and very disappointing for many people.

We had such an amazing day we took a wonderful walk along the
Melbourne river, visited our favorite place In Melbourne ACMI
They had a new exhibit showing "The Game Masters."

We finished the day at Chocolate with chocolate fondue and warm tea and hot chocolate.
So grateful for a beautiful day and our last minute adventure.
P.s What makes a wonderful day magical?
Why a double Rainbow of course xx

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