Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Story so far.....

Hey all, firstly a big thank you to all my followers/blogger friends xx
So whats this all about and where do I begin.....
I started my blog not knowing anything really about blogging and I still dont know that much;) hehe
I started my blog firstly with my shop as the main theme but over the last 18months its really turned into a reflection of me and my love for all things kawii,my family and pupcakes,adventures,trips,travel,
fashion and creative projects.
So I've given my page a makeover I want everyone to enjoy my blog in 2011 yeah!
Its still going to have a great vibe and the ocassional spelling mistake, hehe
Its going to be filled with all things cute, DIY projects, adventures,travel, anything that can bring a sparkle by keeping it real,warm,funny,creative and super KAWAIIxx
I'm looking forward to 2011 and also keeping update with all of your blogs xx
hugs and fireworks xx

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